August 29, 2023 | News Coverage

Meratus Group Officially Becomes Sampoerna Kayoe’s Mangole Port Operator

Jakarta, August 2023 – Meratus Group, through PT Multi Sarana Pelabuhan Indonesia, has officially developed a partnership strategy in the management of the Terminal Khusus (Tersus) owned by Sampoerna Kayoe, with PT Mangole Timber Producers (MTP) as an intermediary. This agreement was formally announced in the Award Concession ceremony on Thursday, August 3rd 2023, at Meratus Office in Jakarta.

This collaboration aims to increase the efficiency and productivity of the Mangole Port in Mangoli Regency, North Maluku. This port has a key role in facilitating the flow of main raw materials and processed wood products such as plywood and wood pellets. With this, the Meratus Group will assume full responsibility for all aspects of port operations, with a vision to maintain a sustainable partnership in the long term.

Harry Handojo, CEO of Mangole Timber Producers stated “We are very optimistic about this collaboration. Meratus Group as a port management partner is expected to bring a significant positive impact. This collaboration will not only increase the operational efficiency of the Mangole Port, but will also provide broader economic benefits for the people of North Maluku. We are sure that this collaboration will help link Indonesia’s timber commodities to the global market”.

PT Mangole Timber Producers has products in the form of plywood and wood pellets where the main raw materials are supplied from industrial plantation forests. This business has also become one of the supporting pillars of the economy in the North Maluku region and has the potential to open new jobs for local communities around North Maluku.

The partnership with Meratus Group and Mangole Timber Producers does not only represent a new chapter in port management, but also demonstrates the strengthening of connectivity in Eastern Indonesia. By optimizing the distribution of timber commodities through the Mangole Port, this collaboration has the potential to drive sustainable growth and advancement for the region, becoming a significant part of Indonesia’s economic journey.