November 15, 2019 | News Coverage

Sampoerna Kayoe’s Ezzy Door is officially available in Mitra10, Makassar City

MAKASSAR, 15 November 2019 – In accordance with the purpose of Sampoerna Kayoe which is to meet the needs of the Indonesian people with superior products, now people in Makassar city will no longer have difficulties to find Sampoerna Kayoe door product. Because since November 14, 2019 Sampoerna Kayoe Door Product known as “Ezzy Door” is officially available at Mitra10 Tallasa City Makassar. The presence of Sampoerna Kayoe “Ezzy Door” products at Mitra10 Talassa City Makassar is aimed at making it easier for the public to search for Sampoerna Kayoe door products, and to consult on the features and applications of “Ezzy Door”.

The Mitra10 Talassa City Makassar Grand Opening became the 33rd store and the first time it is available in Eastern Indonesia from all over Indonesia with the concept of one stop shopping that is expected to help and facilitate customers to be safe and comfortable in shopping for their needs.

Therefore Sampoerna Kayoe does not stop at Makassar city, Sampoerna Kayoe “Ezzy Door” product are going to be available in all cities to meet the needs of the Indonesian people.

Look forward to our presence in your next cities!