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Product Types

Nevy Door

We ensure that the doors we manufacture are consistently passed through all quality tests necessary for your comfort and security. With Nevy, we help you to create your personal door solution.


Our doors redefine aesthetics with the sophisticated, elegant and inspiring structure, as brought forth by our highly skilled craftsmen. The true beauty of natural veneer lumber is our motivating factor behind creating eco-friendly wood products that are well-suited to all needs. The extensive range of our veneer woods can be combined with varied finishing and coatings, allowing you to customise according to your taste and preference. Our creation which seamlessly blends aesthetics and function, goes beyond standard doors while ensuring ease of installation.



Door Frame

Our door frame is custom-made using various wood species available and pre-finished to meet your personal needs and specifications. The practicality of our innovative system is reflected in our frame quality and superb design. We also provide assembly at zero cost which will further reduce project costs and construction time for you.






Architrave is a common household feature used to conceal the small gap between the door and the wall. We offer high-quality, custom-made architrave profiles in stunningly different styles and designs.




Wall Panel

We deliver high quality wall panels suitable for fitting in every house and commercial building. As we collaborate closely with our customers to understand their needs, we are able to deliver innovative products in varying lengths and widths which are tailored precisely to help you achieve your respective objectives.





Product Specifications

Quality Entrance at its Best.

We make sure that our door quality is consistently passing through all tests required for your comfort and security.

  • Door General Size: 40 x 820 x 2100mm
  • Customizable size
  • Use LVB and LVL
  • Frame General Size: 50 x 150 x 906 x 2150mm
  • Finishing; Melamic, Duco & HPL
  • Door Core Selection: Honeycomb, Solid
  • Moisture Content: 10 – 14%
  • Weight: 37kg


Door Core Selections

Honeycomb Door
Solid Door











Door Finishing (Melamic & Duco) Selections


Ezzy Door

Plywood Series

Our Plywood Series are made from real solid plywood combined with flush door construction. An outstanding durability and test-proven to maximize the good quality consistency.








Product Specifications

  • Door Standard Size: 35 x 820 x 2100mm
  • Use LVL
  • Frame General Size: 40 x100 x 886 x 2140mm
  • Finishing: Duco
  • Door Core Selection: Honeycomb, Storyfoam
  • Moisture Content: 10 – 14%
  • Weight: 25kg


Unfinished Door Selections


Frame Construction

  • Size: 40 x 100 x 886 x 2140mm
  • Material: LVL
  • Moisture Content: 10 – 14%
  • Weight: 20 – 25 kg/ unit
  • Cover Types:
    – High Moisture Resistant (HMR): highest grade; water resistant, heat resistant, etc.
    – Plywood.


Product Image

White Duco

White Duco - E001

White Duco - E002

White Duco - E003

White Duco - E004

White Duco - E005

White Duco - E006

Brown Duco

Brown Duco - E001

Brown Duco - E002

Brown Duco - E003

Brown Duco - E004

Brown Duco - E005

Brown Duco - E006

Door + Jamb

Door & Jamb - White Duco

Door & Jamb - Brown Duco

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