Plywood is wood fabrication made of solid wood that is processed into sheets with the fiber direction on the wooden layer arranged transversely between the bottom layer and the surface layer using a special adhesive.

In plywood production, a log is peeled into sheets of veneer which are then cut to the desired dimensions, dried, patched, glued together and then pressed under high temperature press to form the plywood panel. Depending on the type of log (quality, color etc.) peeled, the veneer sheets will become either face or back veneers, which are the furthest outer layers of the plywood panel, or core veneers which will form the inside layers.

Product Types

General Plywood

Our plywood is known for its quality.

Understanding that flatness and dimensional stability are essential in furniture manufacturing to bring about a perfect finishing and to minimize expansion and contraction, our range of plywood products exhibit the characteristics of being flat, dimensionally stable, durable, and of high precision. As flatness is a crucial factor in the secondary processing of plywood and is necessary for a smooth finishing, our plywood is also suitable for secondary processing.

Last but not least, general plywood can also be used in concrete framework as a cheaper option for low-rise construction work.



Preciously Dimensioned

Smooth Surface

Superior Strength & Durability

Product NameWood Species UsedCharacteristicsSurfaceSize (mm)
FalcataAffordable price with good quality
Uniform color
Less vulnerable to insect








1220 x 2440
(4" x 8")

945 x 1840
(3" x 6")

910 x 2130
(3" x 7")
Faceback: MLH
Core: Falcata
Stronger than all Falcata plywood
More resistant to shrinkage
Natural wood Appearance
MLHSuperior strength
More dimension stability
Natural wood Appearance
Hevea-LVLRubber WoodStronger (as strong as Meranti)
Resistant to shrinkage
Sustainable wood
Floor Base Plywood

Our plywood products are the perfect choice for any interior work. We offer plywood designed with a more precise dimension as it is of great importance to interior work, particularly for flooring. We invest extensively in technology and employee development to maintain high accuracy and consistency in our products. Additionally, we only use high strength adhesives for our plywood to avoid tear out and ensure durability of your interior products. Alternatively, you may choose the glue type based on your needs.


Preciously Dimensioned

Superior Strength and Durability

Smooth Surface

Product NameWood Species UsedCharacteristicsThicknessSize (mm)
FalcataAffordable price with good quality
High precision in size


1220 x 2440
(4" x 8")

945 x 1840
(3" x 6")

945 x 1840
(3" x 6")
MLHPremium quality
Super strong
High precision in size
Film-Faced Plywood

We provide incredibly strong, flat and durable plywood, such as the film-faced plywood, for building materials including concrete formwork. Our film-faced plywood is primarily made from rubber wood plywood covered with a protective film on both or either side of the surface. The combination of rubber wood with phenolic glue coating and quality phenolic film by Dynea provides for an excellent balance of strength to weight ratio. In addition, the water-resistant paint used for edge sealing weather-proofs our product, making it ideal for construction due to its smooth surface and scratch resistant properties. It can be used multiple times and its resistance to shrinkage makes it a very economical choice for high-rise construction purposes.


Very Flat

Up to 13 Times Repetition

Sound face for smooth surface

Excellent strength to weight ratio

Product Details

ProductWood SpeciesCharacteristicsThicknessSize (mm)
Rubber WoodCan be used up to 13 times.
Scratch resistant.
Extremely durable.
Very flat.
High precision in Size.
1220 x 2440
(4" x 8")

1250 x 2500
(EU market)

Performance Characteristics of FILM-FACED

MCJAS for LVL 2013 7,42%
Density ASTM D143-94 2000 (Sec. 19)< 14%

650 - 750 kg/m3
DelaminationJAS for LVL 2013 Cyclic Extreme (Internal Standard) Passed


BondingJAS for Plywood 20140.7 N/mm² - 1.5 N/mm²
BendingJAS for Plywood 2014Long:
MOE: 5000 - 5500 N/mm²
MOR: 24 - 50 N/mm²

MOE: 4000 - 7000 N/mm²

MOR: 20 - 65 N/mm²
EmissionJAS for Plywood 2014Classification F***
Radial & Tangential ShrinkageASTM D143-94 2000 (Sec. 20) 2.05% & 0.24%
Determination of swelling in thicknessBS EN 317 : 19935,83%
HardnessASTM D 1436321.68 N
Water ResistantJAS for Plywood 2014 Passed
Stain TestJAS for Plywood 2014 Passed
Weather TestJAS for Plywood 2014 120 days (continued on)
Concrete Casting TestInternal Standard13 Cycle (continued on)

Range of Applications

Long-lasting products are investments.
If you need a long-lasting, durable, and strong material for your home or building construction, our LVL is your right choice. Moreover, we offer termite-resistance option to protect the product from termite and insects. You would not need to replace your home material often due to rotting, molding, and termite damage. To tailor your needs, we offer a high range of customized LVL productsfor a various of applications.

General Plywood


Secondary Process


Floor Base Plywood

Floor Base Plywood

Film-faced Plywood


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