Vision, Mission and Value


Champion Enabler That inspires sustainable future for all

Our Company

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Sustainable Sourcing

Engrained commitment to only source from sustainable and eco-forest suppliers with building a better future in mind.

People Empowerment

Engage, collaborate and empower the most important asset to the company to ensure a sustainable future for all stakeholder.

Champion Economic Value

As the industry leader through innovative and sustainable solution in any market we are present

Corporate Values

Anggarda Paramita and the Three Hands philosophies are the basic tenets that makes up the six core values under The Sampoerna way which have served us well in forging strong and lasting ties with all stakeholders. We very much value these tes and will work hard to ensure that the trusts will remain as the cornerstone of the Company’s growth.

Anggarda Paramita

Anggarda Paramita means “towards excellence” in old Sanskrit language. At Sampoerna Strategic Group, the quest for excellence is a way of life, a laborious search for perfection is integrally tied to all aspects of the Group.

  • Meritocratic System
    A system to appreciate individuals based on their competency and perfomance in achieving organizational excellence objectives.
  • Requisite Organization
    An organization that promotes condition for any party to work together effectively and optimally in order to achieve common purpose.

Three Hands

Originally declared by the Sampoerna founders, the Three Hands is a philosophy of our success. The philosophy stating that by working together in a “win-win-win” way, all three parties could achieve a mutually beneficial relationship.

  • Teamwork & Flexibility
    Cooperation among employees, superiors, and both parties, by favoring common interests over private interests.
  • Respect
    Mutual respect within and outside the organization.
  • Integrity & Ethics
    Consistency between the values embraced, actions taken, and results achieved.
  • Community
    Provision of values to the surrounding communities as one of the stakeholders for the organization