Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) is made from softwood, low to medium hardwood species with density of 290 – 693 kg/m3.

LVL is produced through a similar process as plywood, but usually to thicker panels and its fiber is arranged in the same direction.All of these panel products are primarily used in construction, furniture and interior decoration industries. In addition to these, we produce plywood products that are specialized, further processed products. These include piano parts and truck body components. These products fetch higher margins and are for specialized end-uses.

LVL Production Process

LVL is technically different on how the fiber layer is arranged; both direction and transverse. LVL has a direct layout arrangement of at least 70% and maximum transverse fiber of 30% of the total number of composing layers. LVB has a cross-section arrangement of more than 30%.

LVL is arranged with the direction of fiber veneer unidirectional and parallel. It optimizes the use of products like Beam and other building construction materials.

LVL strength and elasticity parameters are influenced by wood density, felting pressure, adhesive type and layer layout direction (LVL / LVB).

Structurally, LVL has better strength in vertical applications because most of the direction of fiber is unidirectional. While LVB is more powerful in horizontal applications because of the transverse fiber that sustains the tensile force that makes the panel / board more flat. You can tell us what you need, and we will provide recommendation.

Custom Profiles

Excellent Durability

Precisely Dimensioned

Dimensionally Stable

Product Details

Guide to Wood Type

Wood Species
Rubber 30%,
Falcata 70%
Rubber 50%,
Falcata 50%
Rubber 80%,
Falcata 20%
100% Rubber
ASTM D143-94 2000 (SEC19)g/cm30.550.560.580.59
JAS 2008 For LVL (art.4)N/mm26657.997579.768739.579122.34
JAS 2008 For LVL (art.4)N/mm26657.997579.768739.579122.34
JAS 2008 For LVL (art.4)N/mm26657.997579.768739.579122.34
Product NamesWood Species UsedProduct SpecificationSurfaceCharacteristics
Hevea-LVLRubberMax Thickness: 120mm
Max Width: 600mm
Max Length: 5000mm
Moisture Content: <12%
Adhesive: T1WBP
Calibration & sanding available on requestCostumized

Range of Applications

Looking for long-lasting, durable and strong materials for your home or building construction needs? Our LVL is the perfect solution for you. Our products are also available with termite resistance to protect your home.


Homes & Buildings
Commercial Purposes
Piano Body Parts
Truck Body Parts

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