July 26, 2019 | News Coverage

Sampoerna Kayoe Gathering at Balikpapan

July 26th 2019 – Sampoerna Kayoe held the premier gathering event for architects, contractors, and distributors at the Novotel Hotel & Resorts Balikpapan. In this event, Sampoerna Kayoe has the opportunity to present its new identity after rebranding and its solution to the limited building material resources to the professional community in Balikpapan.

This gathering was attended by more than 90 architects and contractors from Kalimantan.  Sampoerna Kayoe team showed their product variants and their potential applications to provide inspiration for the architects and contractors. Moreover, Sampoerna Kayoe presented the new sustainable wood solution for the building material industry: using sustainable wood resources which can be beneficial for our nature without sacrificing product’s quality.

By holding this gathering, we expect that the participants will get information thoroughly from Sampoerna Kayoe regarding products with the potential application and the solution for sustainable building materials in the future.