September 30, 2019 | News Coverage

Architect and Contractor Gathering in Dewata Island, Bali.

28 September 2019, Bali – Bali Island is one of the most favourite destination for both domestic and international tourists. The expansion of tourism and the development of construction on the island of Bali are also increased over time. With that in mind, Sampoerna Kayoe invited more than 80 architects and contractors to take part in a gathering event held at the Harris Convention Hall Hotel to introduce Sampoerna Kayoe to public, especially in Bali and its surrounding areas. This event also aimed to educate architects and contractors about products, applications, and solutions offered by Sampoerna Kayoe.

In addition to a booth displaying products and presentation session, a question and answer session was also provided which provided an opportunity for participants to ask Sampoerna Kayoe’s Product Specifiers about the products and their applications. In collaboration with Indonesian Bali Architects Association (Ikatan Arsitek Indonesia – IAI) and Indonesia Construction Architecture Network, it was hoped that this gathering event can become an information forum for architects and contractors especially those who use and/or interested with the sustainable processed wood industry and its development.