June 7, 2023 | News Coverage

Sampoerna Kayoe Inaugurates Ecotourism in Jambi as a Commitment to Preserving the Environment

Jambi, 7 June 2023 – The largest processed wood producer in Indonesia embraces the local farming community building sustainable ecotourism in Rimbo Ulu, Tebo

In commemoration of World Biodiversity and Environment Day, Sampoerna Kayoe (PT Sumber Graha Sejahtera), the largest processed wood producer in Indonesia and one of the largest in the world, inaugurated Ecotourism in Rimbo Ulu, Tebo, Jambi, as part of the company’s commitment for environmental sustainability.

Ecotourism development by Sampoerna Kayoe which is packaged in the conservation program “Save the Earth, Start with Action” is expected to increase public awareness about the importance of nature conservation and biodiversity.

To realize sustainable ecotourism, Sampoerna Kayoe has collaborated with the Sari Mulyo Farmers Group Association (Gapoktan). This collaboration with local farming communities aims to build ecotourism facilities that not only promote biodiversity, but also maintain local cultural heritage.

The inauguration ceremony for Ecotourism was attended by representatives of the Jambi Provincial Government, the Head of the Tebo Regency Environment and Transportation Office, the Jambi Provincial Forestry Service, Jambi Employment BPJS for the West Region, and Sampoerna Kayoe.

Edward Tombokan, Commercial Director of Sampoerna Kayoe expressed his excitement for this program, “We are very enthusiastic about this activity. We hope that this ecotourism program will be beneficial for aspects of environmental conservation, empowerment, and education. This facility is one of our commitments to the implementation of responsible sustainable forest management, and creates a strong manifestation for the restoration of nature and local culture to learn about the importance of conservation and biodiversity in maintaining the sustainability of nature. Hopefully in the future ecotourism and this program can become a sustainable inspiration, a new natural tourism magnet for the surrounding community, and be used as best as possible for all the people of Rimbo Ulu, Tebo.”

As a concrete manifestation of this commitment, Sampoerna Kayoe also played an active role by distributing various types of Multipurpose Tree Species (MPTS) seeds such as durian, petai, matoa and rambutan raffia with a total of 200 seeds. In addition, Sampoerna Kayoe also contributed through the sale of 1,000 tilapia fish seeds to increase the diversity of aquatic ecosystems in areas of high conservation value.

The activity of distributing plant seeds and tilapia seeds is expected to help increase the variety of ecosystems in areas of high conservation value, as well as being part of Sampoerna Kayoe’s efforts to maintain environmental sustainability and biological conservation in Rimbo Ulu, Tebo.

In line with Sampoerna Kayoe’s latest tagline “Sustainable Tomorrow Starts Today”, Sampoerna Kayoe believes that whatever we do today will determine tomorrow. These are the thoughts that drive Sampoerna Kayoe’s commitment to protecting the earth, protecting our future and our environment.

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About PT Sumber Graha Sejahtera (Sampoerna Kayoe)

Sampoerna Kayoe is the largest producer of processed wood in Indonesia and one of the largest producers in the world. For more than 40 years, Sampoerna Kayoe has continued to improve technology, efficiency, and capacity so that it has a production capacity of more than 850,000 m3 per year with a total of six assembly plants, one new assembly plant operating in Maluku, 11 veneer factories and one glue factory. This achievement has made Sampoerna Kayoe one of the largest plywood companies in the world with sales of more than 300 million USD in 2020, both in terms of export sales to 35 countries and sales to the domestic market.