July 14, 2022 | News Coverage

Sampoerna Kayoe Collaborates with Renowned Architect Andra Matin, Presents Inspiration for the Use of Wood in Architecture at ARCH:ID

Sampoerna Kayoe’s application of plywood in the ‘Pavilion’ at ARCH:ID, is an example on how to make an architect’s dream come true (photo by : mario wibowo)

Jakarta, July 14th, 2022 – Sampoerna Kayoe has returned to inspire the application of wood in the architecture conference and exhibition ARCH:ID, on 14-17th of July 2022, in ICE BSD city, tangerang, with the theme Sebentang Serentang, Segentang.

In this exhibition, Sampoerna Kayoe collaborated with the theme ‘Wonders of Weaving – Urban Wonders’. Together with renowned architect Andra Matin, we created a new work dubbed ‘Pavilion’ that carries the theme of house architecture during the pandemic.

“The presence of Sampoerna Kayoe at the ARCH:ID 2022 event is a form of our commitment to present the best engineered wood solutions in the world for consumers in Indonesia. This event is a momentum to expand the use of plywood and processed wood in various architectural aspects because it has been proven to be a material that stable, tough, durable, and has precise dimensions, as building and furniture materials,” said Sampoerna Kayoe’s Commercial Director,  Edward Tombokan.

The work ‘Pavilion’ in arch:id uses plywood provided from Sampoerna Kayoe with webbings around it using rattan sourced from borneo by BYO Living, who has also provided several roof designs that is often used in silhouette simulation for Indonesian vernacular architecture.


As a trusted manufacturer that always prioritizes quality and customer satisfaction, Sampoerna Kayoe offers a wide collection of plywood for industrial and residential needs. Plywood from Sampoerna Kayoe’s wood is processed from sustainable sources in community plantation forests, and is used as building materials and furniture.

Sampoerna Kayoe’s processed wood products are applied in the ‘pavilion’ using birch plywood. Flat, smooth, and precise surfaces, with warm & natural wood grain patterns, combined with LVL becomes the building’s  frame with undoubted strength. NeVY Door is also used to not only help with the base structure, it also finishes the look for it is also made out of birch plywood.

When this plywood solution was applied to the Pavilion project at the ARCH:ID event, visitors would immediately feel the warm and comfortable atmosphere of the wood accents that blended with the harmony of the design. Likewise, the lighting in the room adds a sense of calm and ends with the Nevy Door, a custom door that complements the natural impression as a cover after walking around the Pavilion.

Sampoerna Kayoe’s application of plywood in the work of Pavilion at ARCH:ID, is an example on how to make an architect’s dream come true. “During a pandemic, sometimes it’s difficult to make a beautiful home as it is, sometimes it’s just enough, and often the economic power of homeowners is not matched between expectations and reality. Hopefully the installation of Pavilion Sampoerna Kayoe at ARCH:ID 2022 will be a complete picture of how a house should be built,” said architect Andra Matin.