Wood impregnation is used to protect the wood against fungi, mildew and insects, resulting in a more lightweight and durable wood material. This extensive method also helps in minimizing our environmental impact.

During the impregnation process, air is extracted from the wood using vacuum pressure equipment. This process opens the pores of wood, allowing us to inject specific protective chemical into the wood core. After which, the wood will be compressed, let out and hot pressed in the oven before being dried.

The usage of this high-tech impregnation method allows us to create a perfect cut of wood decking. Enables us to reduce waste while ensuring quick deck installation. Our deck is more cost-efficient than solid wood deck.

100% Real Wood

Excellent Durability

Superior Dimension Stability

Ready to Install

Barefoot Friendly

Product Details

Our engineered wood products are recognized for their distinctive characteristics owing to our experience and innovation, which we have accumulated through almost four decades. Our decking includes tiles, railing, fencing, pergola, and wall cladding, which is suitable for residential or commercial use, and can be customized to fit your needs.


Product Specifications

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Technical Information

PropertiesStandardWood Species
Rubber 25mm
Impregnated Hevea
DENSITYJAS 2014 FOR LVL0.75 - 0.8g/cm3
BENDINGJAS 2014 FOR LVLBending Classification (110E - 120E)
HORIZONTAL SHEARJAS 2014 FOR LVLHorizontal shear class (65V - 43H)
SCREW HOLDING(JIS A 5098) 20031121.36 N
HARDNESSASTM D143-94-20008119.15 N/mm2
EMISSIONJAS 2014 FOR LVLClassification F***
MCJAS 2014 FOR LVL<14%

Range of Applications

Deck Tile
Outdoor Furniture
Wall Clading

Maintenance Guidance

Cleaning the Patio and Facade

Over time rain and moisture will make your wooden decking / cladding dirty, this appears in the form of green algae, dirt and other coatings. Therefore, you should clean your deck regularly to ensure the cleanliness of your wooden decking / cladding.


To clean your deck, rinse it with water, apply the deck-cleaner with a brush and then scrub the surface lengthwise. Afterwards, rinse the decking thoroughly and repeat the treatment as needed.


If you are planning to coat your deck subsequently, you must let the wood dry for a day or so, before you start the coating treatment.


Coating Deck and Facade

A new deck or facade should be treated with coating even before it is used. We recommend that you maintain your wooden deck / facade with coating at least once a year.

Use coating with colour pigments and fungicides. The coating should be UV resistant and of a non-curing type. In the first season, we recommend that you let the wood be filled by coating it approximately 2-3 times. The wood patinates if it is not being coated.

The coating protects the wood, because it helps the surface to become more resistant to weather influences. Risks of cracking are reduced by

coating and it also works as a ”breath of fresh air” to your decking, while it highlights the wood grain. Remember to give the end of the boards some wax. Frequency of coating depends on how exposed the deck or facade is to wind and weathering. If the wood is not treated often enough, it will patinate and become greyish.



  1. Before you begin coating, you should clean your deck or façade thoroughly.
  2. Then check that the deck or facade is completely clean and dry. Coating shall take place in only dry weather, so the coat gets the best conditions to soak into the wood.
  3. The coating should be stirred thoroughly before use.
  4. The coating is applied with a brush or other painting tools. Always start with the ends of the boards.
  5. After maximum 20 minutes remove excess coating from deck/ façade with a clean and dry cloth.Repeat the above, if the wood does not seem saturated.
  6. If you want to make the surface extra durable; we recommend that you polish your deck/facade with a polishing machine.
  7. Depending on the weather, including temperature on the day you treat the decking or cladding with coating, it will take between 24 to 48 hours, before the coating is fully cured. During this period, the wood, as with the coating, must NOT be exposed to water.


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